What will the project include?

    • Replacement of the existing two-lane Kalamunda Road Bridge over the freight rail line with an increased load-carrying capacity bridge of four lanes.
    • A grade separated interchange at the intersection of Great Eastern Highway Bypass and Kalamunda Road with connectivity retained via on and off-ramps. The interchange will enable traffic on Great Eastern Highway Bypass to flow freely through the intersection.
    • Realignment of the section of Kalamunda Road immediately south of the new interchange. Realignment of this section of Kalamunda Road will ensure safe access to the future Airport North Development and retain access to the Guildford Cemetery. 
    • Noise attenuation (subject to any requirements determined by noise modelling).
    • Landscaping and revegetation.
    • Opportunities to improve shared path connectivity along the Bypass will also be considered.

    What are the benefits of the project?

    The project will: 

    • Improve connectivity and road safety for all road users
    • Reduce congestion, improve travel times and allow for planned development and economic growth in the local area
    • Improve efficiency and network reliability including improving efficiency for heavy vehicles servicing Redcliffe, South Guildford, the broader Perth Airport, and Hazelmere/Forrestfield industrial areas
    • Improve freight productivity
    • Improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists

    Why is the project needed?

    The Great Eastern Highway Bypass (the Bypass) provides a critical connection between Roe Highway and Tonkin Highway, particularly for vehicles travelling to and from the Perth Airport, South Guildford, Hazelmere, Forrestfield, and High Wycombe industrial areas.  

    Heavy vehicle movements on the Bypass are currently constrained by the height of the existing overhead rail bridge, located between Kalamunda Road and Abernethy Road. As a result, heavy vehicles seeking access between Abernethy Road and the northern part of the Perth Airport site must use Tonkin Highway. This creates a significant, inefficient diversion which inhibits ongoing development of the Perth Airport precinct. The situation will be exacerbated following the removal of the signalised intersections on the Bypass at Roe Highway, Stirling Crescent and Abernethy Road when the neighbouring Great Eastern Highway Bypass Interchanges project is completed. 

    A new grade separated interchange at the Great Eastern Highway Bypass and Kalamunda Road intersection will address wait times at this intersection and future-proof the intersection’s capacity for future growth. 

    A new full load carrying capacity rail bridge on Kalamunda Road over the freight rail line will provide heavy vehicles with an alternative route, improving access and efficiency for the freight industry. In doing so, the project will unlock the development potential of the Perth Airport North site, which will support thousands of new jobs and economic activity. 

    The Perth Airport Non-Aviation Development Plan identifies the Airport North Precinct as a suitable centre for global businesses and leading smart technology industries.