How many level crossings are there on the PTA urban rail network?


Where can I find more information about the Level Crossing Removal Project?

Visit the METRONET website and find out more on the Level Crossing Removal project page.

How can you remove a level crossing?

There are a number of ways to remove a level crossing: 
-Elevating or sinking the rail; 
-Elevating or sinking the road; 
-Combination of elevating and sinking road and rail; or 
-Closing the level crossing.

Which level crossings will be the first to be removed?

Four level crossings have been given priority for removal: 
- Denny Avenue, Kelmscott (Armadale Line) 
- Wharf Street, Cannington (Armadale Line)
-  Oats Street, Carlisle (Armadale Line)
- Caledonian Avenue, Maylands (Midland Line)