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Past, Present, Future

We all have a story to tell.

Childhood memories of the past.  Stories of what we value now.  Visions of what the future can hold.

As we plan the Morley-Ellenbrook Line, we'd like to hear from the very people who live in the area about the rich history that shaped your community, why you choose to call it home now and what you'd like to see it become in the future.

When the train line to Ellenbrook is built, it will be the people who use it that will make it a success.  Capturing your stories will help us plan for this success.

To share your memories and stories of your local area or your visions for the future of your community, select a past, present or future pin below, drop it in the area of the place or event you'd like to share and tell us why this is significant to you.

Once you've shared your story, enter your email address.  Don't worry, this will not be public and remains confidential.  It helps us keep in touch with you about the project and/or your story.  Then enter your name and suburb in the 'screen name' section.  This will be visible to others who visit the page.

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