Can the Perth CAT service be extended to operate to UWA/QEII Medical Centre/Perth Children’s Hospital?

    Under the existing Perth Parking Management Act 1999 and Regulations all revenue raised through the licensing of parking bays in Perth may only be spent within the Perth Parking Management Area (PPMA) which currently excludes the UWA-QEII-PCH precinct. There are no plans at this stage to extend the PPMA to include these areas and for the parking bays to be licensed. However, the QEII Medical Centre (QEIIMC) and PCH precinct is presently serviced by a high frequency bus network, which includes the CircleRoute and Route 950. In addition, the precinct is also serviced by a number of other suburban bus services, including the Subiaco Shuttle service (the Route 97 bus service) and the Route 24, 25 and 103 bus services. While these are fare-paying services, most passengers accessing Perth CAT bus services have already arrived in the CBD on regular Transperth services and will therefore be able to transfer on existing tickets to services to these precincts.

    Why is there no Perth CAT service along St Georges/Adelaide Terrace?

    The length St Georges and Adelaide Terrace is serviced by numerous regular timetabled Transperth bus routes which travel in and out of the CBD via the Causeway to the east and Kings Park Rd to the west.  Travelling on these services is free along the Terrace which, combined with the high level of service frequency, means that there is no need for a dedicated CAT bus to duplicate the service these buses provide.

    Why is the Perth Busport not served by a Perth CAT route?

    Perth CAT services do not enter the Perth Busport as a CAT stop is situated immediately adjacent to the Busport on Wellington St, which is well-connected by the high quality pedestrian environment provided through Yagan Square. It is acknowledged some passengers would benefit from a connection to CAT services within the Busport, however operating CATs into the Busport would significantly increase journey times for passengers undertaking cross-town trips. It would also require stand allocation, which is limited and would bring forward the point in time at which the Busport reaches maximum operating capacity and is unable to accommodate growth in the regular Transperth bus network.

    Why were Perth CAT stops on Barrack St removed?

    Following the two-way reconfiguration of Barrack St, it was designated as a cycling route by the City Of Perth and dedicated kerbside cycle lanes were installed. The installation and operation of the cycle lanes has prevented the reinstatement of CAT stops on Barrack St.

    Why is there no CAT service to Kings Park?

    Kings Park is serviced by the high frequency Route 935 which travels the entire length of St Georges/Adelaide Tce and travels into Kings Park via Fraser Ave and Wadjuk Way.  This service operates every 10 minutes on weekdays and 15 minutes on weekends and is free for passengers travelling from the CBD to Kings Park.  It is a duplication of resources to implement a CAT service as well as the Route 935 and would also increase the journey times for passengers making East/West connections on the Red CAT. 

    Can the CAT service increase service frequency or extend operating hours?

    The Perth CAT bus services are funded from the Perth Parking Licensing Account which is levied from parking licence fees imposed on non-residential parking bays in the CBD under the Perth Parking Management Act. The monies raised are managed and administered by the Department of Transport with consultation from the City of Perth.  The resources are finite and other projects in the CBD are also funded by the levy, so any increases in CAT operations and costs is dependent on consideration by the Department of Transport and City of Perth in relation to the budget and against other projects within the CBD.

    Are there any services that connect Northbridge to St Georges Terrace?

    A new high frequency service, Route 910 has been introduced and operates from Perth Busport to St Georges Tce.  The Perth Busport is a short walk through Yagan Square to Northbridge and Perth Station.