Why would Route 338 be introduced?

    We undertake regular reviews of the bus network to ensure that routes operate efficiently and meet demand. The proposed Route 338 would provide new connections and a more convenient public transport option for Aveley residents living east of the existing Route 337. It will also provide a connection between Henley Brook Bus Station and Ellenbrook Central. 

    If these changes are preferred, when will they be implemented?

    Route 338 would be introduced in early 2021. 

    Will my child's school be served by Route 338?

    Route 338 will service the following schools:

    • Aveley Secondary College - appropriately timed trips will deviate morning and afternoon to Aveley Secondary College
    • Ellenbrook Secondary College - appropriately timed trips will extend morning and afternoon to Ellenbrook Secondary College
    • Swan Valley Anglican School - appropriately timed trips will stop at the school on Egerton Dr.

    Further information regarding timetables would be made available if the proposed new bus service is preferred.