What about local access?

    A new one-way service road will be constructed between Montreal Street and Chudleigh Street on the northern side of High Street to provide safer access for properties that currently have direct driveway access on High Street.

    Will the upgrade address netball parking?

    There was a lot of support for the netball facility – but many people recognised parking was a long standing issue that the City needed to resolve. In response, the project will assist by constructing new bays along the service road (in front of the fig trees which will be retained). We will also formalise and increase the parking on Wilkinson Street to ease pressures on local street parking.

    Will the trees be preserved?

    We’ve engaged an arborist to undertake an extensive tree survey and have refined the alignment to minimise tree removal as much as possible.Did you know the median between Montreal Street and Chudleigh Street on High Street is close to 23 metres wide? During the next phase of the project we will focus on how best to protect these trees during construction. We are also working with the City of Fremantle to develop a landscaping and urban design strategy for the project, which will continue to be developed over the coming months.

    How will noise be managed?

    The location, height and form of noise mitigation measures will be determined as the project development continues.

    Noise monitoring was undertaken in June 2018 with mitigation options taken into consideration in concept development.

    Was pedestrian/cyclist connectivity considered?

    New underpasses are planned at Forrest Street and Montreal Street to improve pedestrian and cyclist connectivity and will include ramps, so they are accessible to all.

    Cycle lanes were considered as part of the project, however, High Street forms part of a freight route to and from the Fremantle port, with approximately 15 per cent of traffic expected to be heavy vehicles. As these vehicles will mainly use the left lanes, this puts them in close proximity to any cyclists, representing a significant safety concern. The Department of Transport’s Perth, Fremantle and Stirling Comprehensive Bike Map shows Marmion Street to the north of High Street, and Stevens Street to the south, to be the preferred east-west cycling routes through this area as there is no connectivity along High east of Carrington Street. Due to these reasons, a cycling route along High Street was not progressed as part of this project. However, the project will provide a continuous footpath on the northern side of High Street, between Stirling Highway and Carrington Street, that does not currently exist.