Why is the PTA proposing to permanently close the Moore Street level crossing?

The high-risk level crossing, which crosses both the Midland and Armadale lines, has been identified as a critical priority for closure by the PTA due to ongoing significant safety concerns, the frequent and increasing number of near-misses between trains and both vehicles and pedestrians, and a marked increase in operational closures over the past 12 months.

Currently, the Moore Street level crossing is closed for more than 30 minutes of each hour during peak periods. The crossing is also closed during – and for a minimum of one hour before and after – all events at Optus Stadium. When the Forrestfield-Airport Link becomes operational, closure times at the level crossing will increase to more than 45 minutes in the hour during peak periods.

It is the PTA’s experience that prolonged wait times at level crossings can lead to an increase in risk-taking and illegal behaviour by some members of the community, including ignoring and circumventing safety-critical devices such as boom gates, pedestrian gates, and associated warning lights and bells.

Will there be any changes to pedestrian and cyclist access if the crossing closes?

If the closure goes ahead, the pedestrian level crossing on the western side of Moore Street will be permanently closed at the same time. The eastern pedestrian level crossing, which provides access across the railway tracks and to McIver Station platforms 2 and 3, will remain open, except during events at Optus Stadium, as per current operational arrangements. Pedestrians and cyclists can also cross the tracks at the McIver Station underpass at the eastern end of the station platforms. The shared path on the northern side of McIver Station will be unaffected by the proposed closure.

Where will vehicles cross the tracks if the level crossing closes?

If closure of the crossing proceeds, road users will need to seek an alternative route. Alternative grade-separated vehicle crossing points are located at the Lord Street and Barrack Street road-over-rail bridges.

When will closure of the Moore Street level crossing take place, if the proposal goes ahead?

If, based on comments received during the public consultation period, the City of Perth endorses closure of the level crossing, it is expected that the closure will take place in the second quarter of 2019.

What will the final road layout look like if the proposed closure goes ahead?

Should closure of the level crossing proceed, the PTA will modify Pier and Moore streets to create cul-de-sacs on the approach to the existing level crossing, allowing vehicles to turn around. The PTA will undertake consultation with affected stakeholders regarding the road design, and incorporate this feedback into the detailed design process.