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8 months ago
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Please use this forum to submit your thoughts on the Pilbara cycling network.

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Consultation has concluded

  • Mark V 8 months ago
    For the Cycle path from the bridge in Port Hedland could the area next to the water pipe on the Salt pan side be build up & a bridge crossing at the Pretty pool creak would be a great area as long as it is made wide enough to fish from as I am shore the kids will love that.
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    • Admin Commented Fiona.goodbody 8 months ago
      Thanks for your comment Mark - great to hear more about how people would want to use the bridge. This will be considered as we draft the strategy. Cheers, Fiona
  • Sundae 8 months ago
    I hope that they include a designated, partly shaded off-road cycle path along the Anchovy Flats between Karratha to Dampier, and between Dampier to Hearson Cove. This would be a great weekend ride for families and much safer for daily commuters.
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    • Admin Commented Fiona.goodbody 8 months ago
      Thanks for your feedback Sundae - this will be looked at as part of the network planning. Shade has been a theme in the comments and we will be looking at creative ways to achieve more shade and shelter where possible.
  • Wazza1 9 months ago
    I live in Port and work in South Hedland, I would love to ride to work every day but I do not feel safe riding on Wilson Street where there is no cycle path. Is there any plans to extend to cycle past into Port Hedland from the redbank bridge??
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    • Admin Commented Fiona.goodbody 8 months ago
      Hi Wazza, thanks for your question. Connecting Port Hedland to South Hedland by completing the continuous shared path is a high priority for the Town and has been flagged in the draft network as a primary route. The Town is currently working to secure funding for this connection.
  • Graeme 9 months ago
    This a great social and recreation initiative.A safe connection along Wilson St to Dampier Salt bridge is a priority to connect Port & South Hedland. A number of years ago a cyclist was killed by a roadtrain near the bridge. There has been so much effort putting in the cycle path along the main road from South Hedland to the bridge but the northern piece is missing.
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    • Admin Commented Fiona.goodbody 8 months ago
      Hi Graeme, thank you for your comment. Completion of the continuous shared path between Port Hedland and South Hedland is a priority for the Town of Port Hedland and has been included in the draft network.
  • Jacob g 9 months ago
    Massive tourism opportunity for mountain biking in the Pilbara creating a road trip loop starting at Newman going through tomprice, parr’s, Karratha, Exmouth the foundations have been laid by the local riders we just need the resources and trails to make it something great
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    • Admin Commented jessie.moore 9 months ago
      Hi Jacob g, thanks for your comment. We absolutely agree that there's a massive tourism opportunity for mountain biking. While this strategy will focus primarily on transport cycling, mountain biking is considered with the WA Strategic Trails Blueprint and in local trails master plans.
  • cbk 9 months ago
    cycling 2050 is a good initiative - but what about a cycling 2020 and 2021??
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    • Admin Commented Fiona.goodbody 9 months ago
      Hi cbk, thanks for your comment. The strategy will have a 5 year action plan to prioritise the short term projects and a monitoring schedule to ensure it gets updated regularly.