Why does the bridge need to be replaced?

The Congdon Street Bridge is 107 years old and it has reached the end of its design life. Maintenance on the ageing timber structure is very expensive and it does not meet current safety standards.

Why can't we keep the old bridge?

The old bridge doesn't meet current clearance requirements for the rail line. Even if it could be retained, ownership and ongoing maintenance costs would need to be accepted by the relevant local government authority and the financial burden would be passed on to ratepayers. 

What about the pine trees on Claremont Crescent?

Our preferred design allows us to preserve the valuable stand of pine trees on Claremont Crescent.

Will traffic be able to use the old bridge whilst the new bridge is being built?

Yes. The preferred option can be built while the old one remains in operation, minimising disruption and ensuring local connectivity and access is maintained.

What will happen to the timber from the old bridge?

The old timber will be made available to the local community via the Towns of Claremont and Cottesloe.

When will the new bridge be built?

The bridge is planned for replacement in 2019-2020, subject to funding.